Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Back Again This time in November

  Hello,  as usual I'm a little behind.  That just means I'll have more to catch up on.  Wow, has it been a busy spring and summer.
  As you know, my daughter had a new bundle of joy on the away.. well.. he arrived on Oct. 5.   
Welcome Owen Paul

That now makes me a grandmother of 4.  Busy, Busy....

I would like everyone to know I did behave in my next 3 shows in the spring.  Just about the time I think I'm ready to quit I have good shows and ("they suck me back in")   
Most of my summer, however was spent goofing off.  Babysat the first part, then squeezed in as many vacations as we could.
  Tiny, cute little waterpark with the kids in June.

And Garrett said the nachos were  goon ..  Noah was far to busy to be in many pictures as more than a blur. 

Dickey and I went to Co. in August and had a wonderful time.  New 4-wheeler did great once it broke us in. 
Then, in Sept.  I escaped to Oregon for two weeks.
It was wonderful.  No kidding, I picked up 80 lbs of rocks. Plus driftwood. 
I have managed to squeeze in two shows and a little work along the way.

I'm even planning on going in the studio tomorrow.  Maybe even work.  Maybe!!!