Monday, January 30, 2012


I can't believe that January is almost over. Where did it go?

I have been busy, even in the studio. There are stacks of masks to fire, one in now, and several more waiting. I did rush to take glass down to New Orleans before the BCS game (what a disaster), and I started a new large panel yesterday.

Outside of the studio, I've accomplished a little more. My flowers are starting to look more like someone is unsuccessfully trying to improve them, instead of their just being abandoned. I've gotton peas, snap peas, spinach, brocolli, beets and lettuce in the garden and started more seeds.

I finally finished the wall of many colors, ending up with a light green I really like. So much better than the 12 different testers I had painted all over the wall for the last few months. And I babysit a lot. They are so much help, I pick it up, they pour it out. I've been sorting piles of misc. household stuff into bins, just imagine a 2 and 3 yr old HELPING, hahaha

I have to pick a new home improvement project to begin. I think I will write them all down and put them in a bowl and have my own little work lottery... That may work great, it beats my usual method of running from one project to another, finding another {pretty kitty} and never getting QUITE finished.

Oh, Well, I know I have too many irons in the fire, but I better put that electric one to work soon or I'll be sorry.

Laisser le bon temps rouler or Let the good times roll

See ya soon.