Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cooler weather at last

Something about the first cool snap puts me in the mood to work and look forward to shows in the fall. Not that I don't do shows in the summer, I just don't look forward to them like the lower humidity, cooler temp days we {hopefully} have when it's time for the fall shows

I've been working and hope to have some new designs for everyone to see and still some of my old favorites to show.

I know I haven't updated my calendar recently, so I'll do it here:

This weekend coming up: Oct. 24 - 25. will be the Yellow Leaf festival in St Francisville, La.

The next weekend: Oct. 31 (Sat only) will be the New Orleans art market in palmer park

on Carrollton st.

The NEXT WEEKEND; Nov 7 - 8 I will be at the Peter Anderson Festival in downtown Ocean Springs.

Hope to see you there. I'll try to post some pictures of new work along as I get it done

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