Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Kiln load in

Did a lot of cutting in the studio today. Cutting, grinding and loading the kiln. Lots of small things in there today. Night lights, alligatiors, a few fleurs. Have to wait till tomorrow to see what comes out. Some of these are experiments. The glass chips I glued to some things may come out really cute. On the other hand they may go into the "OH WHAT WAS I THINKING" pile. The christmas trees I can't wait to see. Planning to wrap copper wire around them in a curly q . Oh well, guess I'll find out tomorrow.

I did do other work. Lots of grinding on bigger pieces, getting them ready to wrap and solder. It's kinda been the ADD workshop. I flit from one thing to another, not sure what I want to work on today. Well! Tomorrow I WILL SOLDER, until something else distracts me, (pretty bird), oh, that reminds me. I need to cut out birds. hahahahahah

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