Monday, December 19, 2011

Running out of time

I truly thought that finishing shows earlier this year would leave me sooooo much more time to organize and finish Christmas decorations. Well, the joke's been on me. I stay overly busy, but nothing actually gets accomplished. I have been spending a lot of time with my 3 little helpers, but they really aren't that hard to work around.

I only have 3 more things to finish in the studio, naturally they are supposed to be Christmas presents. Nothing like waiting till the last minute. I did have a pleasant surprise yesterday. A customer came out for one small piece, ended up with 3 pieces, one of them larger.

(Pralines , cranberry chocolate , date roll cookies)

What I have really been spending the majority of my time with is "THE CANDY MAKING" It has really taken on a life of it's own. What started as me learning from my Grandmother has morphed into a yearly marathon of sugar dipping endurance. The last few years, we make a party of "Opening Day". My close friends, Terri and Lauren, and my parents come to help, laugh, throw things and generally see who can make me snap first. Even in the decibel registering melee that follows, we accomplish a lot.

Still to do:

Finish making candy...finish cleaning the disaster from making the candy... decorate the empty tree...wrap ALL the presents...make the rest of the presents so I can wrap for groceries so I can cook Christmas eve...ship presents...visit family...cook, work, clean, cook, stress, clean, cook................ HAPPY HOLIDAYS YA'LL

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