Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Show time

Took glass to Gallery 459 in Lafayette today.

The show will be Saturday from 6 - 8 pm at the gallery on Jefferson St. (459 Jefferson St.) to be exact.

One piece didn't make it intact. The largest piece, naturally. I may try to repair it by then, but may not have time. Also took a good bit of glass to Sans Souci gallery. An assortment of things from fused fleurs to 3-d's. Even some Christmas trees.

I REALLY need to make more purple and gold to take to New Orleans before Christmas. With the BCS national championship on Jan 6 and all those LSU fans in town, need to stock up Adorn on Royal St. Tiger's eyes, lots and lots of Tiger's eyes. plus fleur de lis, LSU wind -chimes, and all things purple and gold.

Finally started Christmas shopping today, Online on Amazon doesn't count. I'm actually looking forward to pulling out the tree tomorrow and starting to decorate. Noah was disappointed with our sparse decorations last year, so this year I'm going all out. Big tree, little tree, lights ( I probably have enough for a landing strip in there), garland, doing the whole works. Dickey may not be so enthusiastic when I tell him we are doing the outside too, but he'll get over it. It's probably best if I stay off the roof.

I want to wrap my crepe myrtle with lights tomorrow and freshen up the rustic log reindeer , if it stops raining. It's the unwrapping that gives me problems. We may be the Griswold house by the time I'm through.

I also have to find time for the "candy making extravaganza". Seems to grow exponentially every year. I'll need supplies sometime this week, may need a bigger van, hahaha.

Ok so that means tomorrow is "clean the disaster day"

Thursday is "buy more stuff day" (candy stuff)

Friday is "make stuff with the stuff day"

Saturday is "Dress up and Party day"

Sunday will be " baby watch day"

Monday will still be "baby watch day"/ maybe

cook a little

Tuesday will be "cook a lot "day


Better known as abject panic day

There's more gifts to buy, more gifts to make, more glass to deliver,more glass to make, more house to decorate, more house to clean, more candy to make, more presents to wrap, more, more, more, more

And now that I have thoroughly freaked myself out. I'll take a deep breath in.

Let it out slowly. and repeat after me

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night

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