Wednesday, November 30, 2011

lots of purple and gold

Hello and welcome to my "pretty kitty" world. I was riding the ADD express today. Sad thing is I don't have ADD. hahah

Right now, If you're not an LSU fan around here, you should hide. haha It's a purple and gold world. Luckily, I'm an alumn, so I'm good. Unluckily, I'm running out of purple glass. Not good!!!!!

I started my day deciding to repack glass I need to take to the gallery in Lafayette. I need to have it all done by Tuesday. That was going pretty well until I decided I needed several boxes to pack in that were in the house. When I walked in the house, (ok, I did stop and pull up a few weeds along the way, "pretty kitty"), I forgot about the boxes and decided to work a little more on setting up my etsy site.

Oh wait, back it up. On the way in I was shanghaied to drive a bulldozer to pull off a tractor. I have to admit, the bulldozer is a bit intimidating, but I managed with no serious misfortunes and headed back to the house, boxes forgotton. Spent a few hours, no seriously, hours, trying to make a regular picture into a long, narrow horizontal picture. Just LUVE computers!!!

Went into the kitchen for a diet coke and decided to start supper. "PK"

Started soup, then back to the computer, then back to the studio, back to the computer, back to supper, etc... throughout the day. I even had a little helper come in for a Mickey Mouse break.

Suprisingly, I accomplished some of everything today, but all of nothing.

The soup, I named "throw it in the pot" soup, came out pretty well. It's a good thing, there's a lot of it . Never mastered that 'Just a little Bit' thing. It Grows....

Ah well, tomorrows another day. Maybe I'll make a list. hahahahaha

For all of you who live in "pretty kitty" land like me, just look at it as a way to combat boredom and get lots of exercise running from one thing to another.

See ya soon, ya'll

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