Saturday, April 14, 2012

April// /WOW/ How did this happen?

Suddenly we're halfway through April and I'm sitting here wondering what happened.

Well, Since Jan., found out there's a new grandbaby on the way. Found out 2 days befor my daughter started back to school. This makes me chief babysitter for 1 2yr old now and then add a infant after November.

Things are getting interesting around here.

Started my spring garden. Everything was growing great, lettuce, broccoli,

spinach, everything except the peas. Something kept eating my peas. They never made it over 2 inches. Somewhere out there is a REALLY fat rabbit. I'm considering rabbit stew.

Even with all my distractions, I'm finding time to make some new pieces. I've added baby gates to the studio to section off "safe" areas. I can wrap glass pieces when they are with me. You can IMAGINE how much help that can be, and sometimes if they are playing, I can sneak on the other side of the barrier and do some cutting.

I have a friend who keeps telling my I'm winding down.

I'm starting to believe her. Just can't keep up the working pace and don't really won't to. Maybe focus more on galleries and less on shows, just picking a few shows will be much less stressful.

Did a first ,a couple of weeks ago. In the 18 years I've been doing shows, I've never left early.....till now. Beautiful show, soooooooo slow and I just reach my snapping point. Decided to take down Sat evening when the show was over. My family thought I had lost my mind, maybe I had (menepause is hell), but I don't regret my decision. We spent the next day on the beach with the grandbabies and had a blast. The economy has changed the shows and I'm not going to beat my head against the wall fighting it.

I do have 3 other shows scheduled this spring. Maybe I'll behave and stay in place. Next is International Festival in Lafayette, the last weekend of the month. Lots of stages and music and magaritas. That could help.

After that, Fest for All in Baton Rough the next weekend and then

Canton, in Canton Ms. the Thursday after that.

Then comes SUMMER!!!!!

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