Sunday, April 22, 2012

It's A Miracle

Haha.  It's a miracle.  I spent the ENTIRE day in the studio working.  Seriously, all day. (cooking supper doesn't count)  I finished 12 new 3'd flower panels and 3 fleur de lis panels.  I should have an entire day tomorrow, so I CAN DO IT AGAIN!  I will even have some new pieces for my next 3 shows.  I worked yesterday, but I'll be honest, most of the morning I spent working in the garden and then put a few frames for 3'ds together and I crashed at about 5:30. Not an overwheleming amount  accomplished.
   I'm trying to get all the things I can't do with babies in the studio done and save the things I can do with them around for babysitting days.  That explains the huge mountain of clothes I need to fold, waiting for babyday.  hahaha  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
   Next week is going to be a crazy week anyway.  Medical tests for my mother (heart cath) sometime during the  week, babysitting 3 days, Picking Noah up from school, and taking him to tutoring and trying to work and pack up for a 3 day show that starts Friday. Need to go shopping and fix the broken glass from the last show.  (and no, I didn't throw it)  Thank goodness Dickey's off this week to help.
Taking off to Lafayette will be a relief.  Three whole days in my booth.
Bring on the Margaritas

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